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Who We Are

House of CeCe’s is the world's premier seasonings innovation and manufacturing company. For almost 2 years, we have worked with international, regional and local customers in a variety of industries to provide quality and freshly seasoning blends that will nourish, delight and exceed expectations of families across the globe. Since 2016, House of CeCe’s has maintained itself as a private-owned company dedicated to serving as a strategic partner for our clients. As a premium seasoning and herbs supplier, our goal is to use our capabilities to grow your business in both profit and success.


In 2015, Chef CeCe Young founded House of CeCe’s Seasonings in Charlotte, North Carolina making spice blends for consumers in Corporate America. The employees had requested for something spicier than the average hot sauce. Therefore, Chef CeCe became inspired and created the first House series seasoning blend– Hot Pepper Seasoning Salt. After the overwhelm response, she begin offering the seasoning to numerous consumers. By 2017, Chef CeCe Young moved the operation and facilities to Stockbridge, Georgia. Today, the company is known for offering exceptional and freshly seasoning blends of International, American, BBQ and Spicy flavors within our House Series Line.