How can I create a HOUSE Account?

Getting a HOUSE Account is easy and free! There are several ways to become a HOUSE Customer:

Online: Click to Create a HOUSE Account and follow the simple directions.

Phone: Call a Customer Service Representative at 404-806-7743.

Or, simply place your first order. When processing your order, we’ll create your HOUSE Account.

How do I place an order?

Our fast, convenient ordering process takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Order from HOUSE through HOUSEOFCECESFOODS.com, or a Customer Service Representative.

House of CeCe's Online

Virtually every item you see on social media platform can be viewed and purchased online at HOUSEOFCECESFOODS.com. HOUSEOFCECESFOODS.com also offers items that are not presented on social media platforms. Ordering just takes a few steps. Simply find the item you want, view key features on the Product Detail page, and click the Add to Cart button. Once you’ve completed your shopping, click the Checkout button. 

Customer Service Representative

We have hundreds of friendly, knowledgeable representatives ready to take your call 7 am-7 pm ET, 7 days a week. When you wish to place an order with a representative, call 404-806-7743.

What if I forget my password?

No problem! Click Forgot Your Password? and then follow the instructions we provide.

What is "Continue Without Signing In"?

If you’re having trouble remembering your password, you can check out without signing in by re-entering all of your bill-to, ship-to, and payment information. We’ll make every attempt to securely find your account. If we cannot identify your account, simply reset your password or add a password to your account by following the prompts. Or you can call Customer Service for assistance at 404-806-7743.

What happens when I continue to check out without a password?

We provide you the option to place an order on your account without entering a password. Because no password is used, you’ll need to re-enter all of your bill-to, ship-to, and payment information. We’ll attempt to locate your account with the information you provide. Once we’ve successfully located your account and the order has been placed, that order will appear on your account in your Order History. In order to see your Order Status or Order History, you’re required to sign in with your password.

What does it mean if an item is only available through Waitlist?

The Waitlist option is offered when an item is sold out, and there is a reasonable expectation that the item will return to stock within 45 days. Although placing an order on our Waitlist is not a guarantee that stock will be received, it is a good way of reserving an item if it does come into stock. If we are unable to fulfill your order, you will be notified within 45 days.

What's a Wish List?

Our Wish List tool lets you keep track of the products you are interested in buying, before you actually buy them. As you shop, just click Add to Wish List, and that item will be added to your Wish List. The Wish List feature is not a gift registry but is a great way of sharing what you want with your friends and family.


Start creating your Wish List now.

What's Speed Buy®?

Speed Buy automatically uses the current data on your account: name, bill-to address, and your last payment method.

    • Your item will be shipped to your bill-to address, and/or permanent ship-to address, on file.
    • Your item will be shipped via Standard S&H.
    • Your order will be billed to your last payment method will be charged: either the last credit card you used or your PayPal Credit® account if you’ve signed up for that option.
    • If the item is available in Blue Pay, that payment option will be applied.

Why can't I use Speed Buy® when I check out without a password?

For security purposes, we don’t default to any of your account information on an order placed without a password. If you check out without a password, you’ll need to re-enter all of your bill-to, ship-to, and payment information. If you’d like to use Speed Buy to automatically use your default account information, you must sign in with your password.

Can I include a personal message with my order?

Yes, for most products, HOUSE offers a free personalized pack slip gift message service. When you choose this service, HOUSE will print a personal message on the package’s pack slip for no charge.

If the package is sent directly to another ship-to name or address, the price will be omitted from the pack slip. You will be sent a separate order confirmation for your records.

Note: You must use Standard Checkout to send to another ship-to name or address.

When ordering online, look for Gift Options on the Shopping Cart page and choose Packing Slip Message, if available.

You’ll then be prompted to type in your message as you proceed to place your order.

    • When ordering by phone with a Customer Service Representative, request HOUSE’s personalized pack slip gift message service.


    • We do not offer a pack slip gift message through our Automated Ordering.

Do you need a larger quantity?

If you are a retailer, groceries, hospitality, restaurant or franchise and are interested in our seasoning blends. Contact us today and a sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.